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Geddes Building

This old building is probably one of the original structures built in 1910 when 4th Avenue was the main business street. At least two generations of the Geddes family lived here from the 1950s to the '70s. Since the '70s it was largely neglected, used as a workshop and storage space. After some extensive renovations with families and small groups in mind, it became the most recent addition to the Ripley Creek . The upper level can be rented separate from the ground level, or the whole building works great for groups that need several beds.

Room 620: Geddes Lower

The ground floor has 3 queen beds in separate rooms, and a kitchen, a living room and a private bathroom. There is a surround deck on the south and west sides. $135- $155.00

Room 621: Geddes Upper

The upper floor has 3 bedrooms, each with a queen bed. There is a  kitchen and private bathroom. Decks on the south and north sides. $135.00-$155.00