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Kate Ryan Building

This building was built for one of Canada's most remarkable pioneer women, Kate Ryan. In an era when women were to be in the home, Kate followed the gold rush to the Klondike, ran a restaurant, was the first woman with the RCMP helping with female prisoners. Semi-retired in Stewart, she rented out this store-front to businesses, and became the first female gold commissioner.  Originally located on 4th Avenue which was the town's commercial centre, the building was moved in the 1920s to its current location.

All rooms have a private bathroom, small fridge, microwave, coffee/tea maker, free wifi and satellite TV. All upper-level rooms have a kitchenette.

Upper level:  Rm 221

With its own little deck and south-facing window, this room has 1 queen bed and kitchenette.

$135 + taxes = $155.25

Upper level:  Rm 224

It's a bit smaller, but still has a kitchenette... and a lower price. A view of the garden area out one side, mountain on the other side.

$125 + taxes = $143.75

Upper level:  Rm 222

A spacious queen-bed room with a garden view, a deck facing the mountain and glacier, kitchenette.

$135 + taxes = $155.25

Lower level:  Rm 417

Our newest Queen room features a raised bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a deck. You get a mix of new and historic furniture.

$145 + taxes = $166.75

Lower level:  Rm 419

This pet-friendly room is one of our lower-cost options with 1 queen. Quick and easy access to your car.

$115 + taxes = $132.25

Upper level:  Rm 223

This is our newest King-bed room. New and antique furnishings, kitchenette. View of the mountains and the garden.

$145 + taxes = $166.75

Lower level:  Rm 418

With a deck and garden area, this pet-friendly room has 2 double beds, and easy access to the parking area.

$125 + taxes = $143.75