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Lehto House - Rm 610

        The Lehto House probably dates back to the 1930s, though no one knows for sure. An immigrant from Finland, John Lehto was a prospector and a trapper living in this small house which was located along Railway near today's airport. It seems he was a recluse since he never married and did not mix much with the locals; his English never lost a very strong Finnish accent. Having lived through the Great Depression he continued to use wool socks for mittens in the winter.
        There was an addition on the house, but it was not in good enough condition to bring to Ripley Creek when we moved it across town. We added to the house when it arrived so we could have the kitchen and bathroom for today's guests.

Room 610 has 1 queen bed, a kitchen and private bathroom. There is a deck on the south side. It has a quiet location away from the bustle of our main guest buildings.

$145 + taxes = $166.75 Cdn/night